RYA Motor Cruising Courses include courses such as the RYA Dayskipper Practical course and the RYA Yachtmaster Coastal and Offshore preparation courses and examinations.

RYA Motor Cruising Courses

The courses run can either be RYA courses such as RYA Dayskipper Practical or the new RYA Advanced Pilotage course or can be a totally bespoke course focussed on your particular training need. The various courses that we run are listed below.

If you are not sure which course will best suit your needs or whether courses from the RYA Powerboat scheme or the RYA Motor Cruising scheme are suited to your craft just call/email and we’ll be happy to chat through things.

Dayskipper Practical – on our boats

Duration: 4 days

A great course that suits both those starting out motorboating or those have been at it a while. Lasting 4 days the course focusses on developing your ability to confidently handle the vessel whilst also spending time on navigation and  making a short coastal passage.

Dayskipper Practical – on your boat

Duration: 4 days

The same syllabus as if run on our motor cruiser but with the benefit of it being totally focussed on your craft, its particular handling traits and the electronic and domestic systems that you have on board. Can be combined with Start Motor Cruising or Helmsman’s course to get those not ready for the full Dayskipper course some training too.

Mileage building trips to Alderney

Duration: 1 day

Join our motor cruiser ‘True Blue’ a Rodman 1250 with twin 430Hp Volvo Penta engines on passage to Alderney and back. The passage is over 70 miles each way so can qualify as two of your 60 mile passages for those seeking to progress towards Yachtmaster Offshore or alternatively it’s just great experience!

Development days on our motor cruiser

Duration: 1 day

A ‘Development Day’ on our motor cruiser can be a great way to build on your existing level of experience. The day can be booked by a group or just you and what we do is up to you, we could mix some close quarter handling in with a short passage or even just anchor up and focus on lunch.

Advanced Pilotage

Duration: 2 days

A great course for those that have undertaken the  RYA Dayskipper Practical course and really want to step onto the next level. The focus is on planning passages and entries to ports/harbours by day and night. A really beneficial 2 day course.

Helmsman – on our boats

Duration: 2 days

A great  2 day course to introduce you to motor cruising and undertaking short inshore trips such as through a harbour or down river to the local beach. Time is focussed on developing the core slow speed handling skills and good ‘seamanship’ skills.

Helmsman – on your boat

Duration: 2 Days

If run on your own boat the Helmsman’s course  is a great way to learn about your craft and understand how to make trips close to your  home marina.

Start Motor Cruising

Duration: 1 - 2 days

Start Motor Cruising is a new course aimed at those seeking a day afloat to get a feel for boating on a motor cruiser or for those keen for children to learn how to be an effective crew member.

Cruising Instructor

Duration: 4 days

Got a passion for motorboating and want to share that passion – why not become a RYA Motor Cruising Instructor? As a commercially endorsed YM Offshore you can take this 4 day course on our boats or with a specifically arranged private course.