Cruising Instructor

Key Course Details

Duration: 4 days

Time: 9am to 5pm plus nightex

Group Size: 4 per boat

Min Age: From 18

Price: £990



Becoming a RYA Cruising Instructor is a great way to share the passion that you have for motor cruising with others. To become a Cruising Instructor you need to be a very competent boat handler with a very good level of theory knowledge and a pleasant manner. For entry to the course you must be a Yachtmaster Offshore (Power) with an in date Commercial Endorsement.

Course Aim

To develop the skills necessary for a Yachtmaster Offshore to become a Cruising Instructor.

Course Duration

4 days

Course Dates

Cruising Instructor courses are run occasionally during the year from Poole.


The Cruising Instructor course is 4 full days from 9-5 plus one night will entail a nightex. You should expect to do some evening homework too though – so no wild nights!

Minimum Age


Structure of the course

At the time of the exam you will have of demonstrated a high level of competence, to become an Instructor you will need to demonstrate this same level of competence on a repeated basis as you undertake demonstrations and instruct/coach students to improve their boating ability.

You should be up to date with all aspects of the syllabus of the Dayskipper, Helmsmans and Start Motor Cruising courses and have a level of knowledge above the level at which you need to teach. We structure these courses as follows:

Day 1 ~ Teaching styles, boat handling assessment and ‘brush up’, theory knowledge assessment and ‘brush up’. On water sessions focussing on demonstrations and structuring sessions.

Days 2 & 3 ~ Practice teaching with guinea pigs and other course students. Detailed discussion of course structure and the key issues with teaching each of the courses and its constituent parts. Discussion of the RYA Motor Cruising Scheme and courses.

Day 4 ~ Moderation by another RYA Cruising Instructor Trainer. The moderation is an opportunity to learn from a second Trainer who’s job is to i) Assess the job that the primary Trainer has done ensuring that all of the key areas have bene covered properly ii) Give additional input to the course iii) Give an objective second opinion on the candidates. Moderation though is very much run as just another day of the course giving further opportunity to practice teaching and share experiences of teaching with the Trainers.

A key aspect of our courses is that we arrange for ‘real’ inexperienced students to attend the course for potential instructors to practice structuring and delivering sessions with. Being able to deliver sessions to people other than already experienced and competent instructors really helps to help you structure and deliver really good sessions.

Pre-entry requirements for the course

  • Hold a commercially endorsed RYA Yachtmaster Offshore (Power) Certificate of Competence – with all associated certification in date
  • Hold a valid first aid qualification which is accepted by the RYA (see RYA website for accepted certificates)
  • Enrol on and pass the RYA Cruising Instructor theory test (incorporating teaching theory and RYA Yachtmaster Offshore Theory

What can a Cruising Instructor teach?

A Cruising Instructor can run the Start Motor Cruising, Helmsmans and Day Skipper practical courses when working at a RYA Training Centre.


The qualification is valid for five years. After 5 years the RYA Cruising Instructor must either be re-tested, or preferably take a RYA Yachtmaster Instructor Course.

Why choose Powerboat Training UK for your RYA Cruising Instructor course?

The key thing that we can bring to a course is our considerable experience of training Instructors across the world plus practical hands on experience of regularly teaching the courses we are teaching you to teach. The Trainers that run our courses (usually led by Paul Glatzel – author of the RYA Powerboat Handbook & RYA Advanced Powerboat Handbook) run a considerable number of instructor courses each year and are 100% on top of what is recommended as ‘best practice’ ensuring that those they train are really well placed to then run courses once qualified. As a busy commercial centre we can also offer the chance to come in ahead of a course and sit in with our instructor team on a Dayskipper Practical course (no charge) which is really beneficial if you can do so – subject to availability of suitable courses.

We also promise every instructor that trains with us that they can come and work alongside our experienced instructors so that you can get some experience delivering their first course.

We have also forged a niche welcoming potential instructors from around the world and also travelling far afield to train individuals and teams to become RYA instructors.

Our craft ~ Our main training vessel is a Rodman twin shaft motor cruiser fitted with a host of electronics

Our location and teaching facilities ~ Poole Harbour is a truly amazing teaching location – so much so that the RNLI and the Royal Marines base their training operations here.

Likewise our base in Lymington at Aquasafe Powerboat School is at Lymington Yacht Haven which like Cobbs Quay is a large marina with a huge range of craft. Our classrooms are well resourced, clean and professional.

Our Cruising Instructor Trainers ~ The RYA Cruising Instructor Trainers that we work with are highly experienced and deliver many instructor courses each year. They stay 100% in line with current best practice so we can be sure that our Instructor courses are amongst the best there are.

Our history ~ We started the school over fifteern years ago and have grown a reputation for delivering on our promises. Our clients range from individuals with their own craft to organisations such as Sunseeker, the RNLI and we were awarded the RYA Training contract by Dorset Police for the London 2012 Olympic events in Weymouth.

We are also very proud to have written the RYA Powerboat Handbook for the RYA and 2014 saw the launch of the RYA Advanced Powerboat Handbook.

Course prices The price quoted in the ‘Key Course Details’ section above is the price per head for 1 person, for 2 persons the per head cost reduces by 2.5% and for three people by 5%. The price shown is inclusive of VAT.

What is included in the course price? ~ when you undertake your Instructor Course on our boats then the price you pay includes fuel and free use of waterproofs/lifejackets. Price includes VAT too.

Does the course price represent good value? ~ remember in life you pretty much get what you pay for. We don’t pretend to be the cheapest but the course will be on well maintained first rate craft, and run by trainers guaranteed to teach current best practice. We have great facilities in a large marina offering a great all-round experience. Check out the other relevant pages on this website to see what we mean.

We also would hope that by attending a course at Powerboat Training UK you will be viewed as an instructor who has trained at one of the centres most respected for delivering high quality career enhancing instructor courses.


Training theory

Teaching and learning theory
How students learn:

  • Learning styles
  • Stages of learning

Barriers to learning:

  • Comfort/stretch/panic

Neurolinguistic programming

Simple coaching models and their uses and limitations

Questioning techniques

Structuring feedback

  • Observation skills
  • Prioritising feedback – safety/learning/fun

Practical course syllabus


  • Structuring a lesson
  • Identifying achievable tasks/transferable method
  • Identifying key teaching points
  • Prerequisite knowledge
  • Logical order of delivery
  • Location and time management — planning v. opportunism
  • Use of teaching aids


  • EDICT(S) as a benchmark to discuss, but not restricted to using this model


  • Self-review

RYA Orientation

  • Operating procedures
  • Centre policies
  • Role of RYA Cruising Instructor/Chief Instructor/Principal

Debriefing/Feedback Skills

  • Observation skills
  • Feedback
  • Prioritising — safety/learning/fun
  • Action Plans

Catastrophe Clinic

  • Avoiding pitfalls
  • Learning from accidents/incidents

Assessment Criteria

Practical courses
Knowledge of:

  • Start Motor Cruising
  • Helmsman
  • Dayskipper Practical
  • Dayskipper Theory


  • RYA programme of courses
  • Levels of competence required for award of the above certifcates

Instructional Technique

  • Set up tasks and teaching sessions appropriate to individual students
  • Brief clearly
  • Ensure tasks are undertaken correctly and safely
  • Observe the task and note areas requiring improvement
  • Debrief students and agree an achievable plan for improvement
  • Demonstrate any part of the Start Motor Cruising, Helmsman, and Dayskipper Practical courses
  • Explain the practical application of any part of the Dayskipper Shorebased Course

Interpersonal Skills:

  • How to give and receive feedback

Course Books

<p class=”lead”>Make sure that you have the right books for your instructor course. You can buy the books below by clicking the link then buying via the RYA website. </p>

<table class=”table”>
<th colspan=”2″>Books for this course</th>

<td><a href=”″><img src=” titles/2015/G158 YM Scheme Instructor HBK – 2nd Edition/G158fc.jpg&width=89&height=89″ alt=”Buy RYA Yachtmaster Scheme Syllabus and Logbook at the RYA Shop” border=”0″ /></a></td>
<td><a href=”” target=”_blank”>RYA Yachtmaster Scheme – Syllabus and logbook</a></td>
<td>RYA Yachtmaster Scheme – Syllabus and logbook</td>




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