Do you need an marine expert witness or investigator/advisor to work with you in a forthcoming case?

Expert Witness & Advisor

We have experience of acting on behalf of both the claimant/prosecution and defendant/defence in cases that include: montage-expert_witness

  • Acting for the MCA in a prosecution
  • Acting for both defendants and claimants in civil cases
  • Acting for the prosecution in a criminal case
  • Meetings betweens experts to agree areas of agreement and disagreement pre-trial
  • Giving evidence in crown court and under cross examination
  • On bench with Barrister advising in real time on opposition’s case

Our experience includes the preparation of both initial assessments of cases plus the detailed reports required by solicitors/barristers. We are able to draw on a wide range of experience and expertise to produce our reports and have considerable experience of the production of written reports supported with graphics and if relevant reconstructions.

Our experience can best be summarised as covering:

  • Craft up to 24m
  • The International Regulations Preventing Collisions at Sea
  • Powerboats, sportsboats, RIBs, motor cruisers, yachts and personal watercraft/jetskis
  • The running of RYA Training Centres
  • Waterskiing, wakeboarding, ringos, kneeboards

Paul Glatzel is our point of contact for expert witness enquiries. Paul is author of the RYA Powerboat Handbook, the RYA Advanced Powerboat Handbook and has contributed to various magazines for many years. He is a RYA Powerboat and Personal Watercraft Trainer (meaning that he trains people to be instructors for these schemes) a RYA Yachtmaster Instructor, a RYA Cruising Instructor Trainer (meaning that he trains people to be instructors for the motor cruising scheme), an RYA/MCA Yachtmaster Examiner and Advanced Powerboat Examiner and a RYA Centre Inspector.

Paul can be contacted on 01202 686666 or via