We have invested heavily in our boats, our classrooms and our equipment however at the end of the day it will be for nothing if the Instructors we ask to work with you are not up to the job.

Our Instructors

We have a core group of 8 Instructors that run the majority of our courses and a further 8 or so that work regularly with us. Each year a couple of new Instructors join the team however they will only ever lead a course once they have gone through our induction process and worked on courses alongside one of our Senior Instructors so they are comfortable with our standards and how we would like the courses to be run – and of course we get a chance to ensure that we are happy with them!

One of the most common observations we get about our Instructors is how patient and calm they are and how that has really helped to increase the confidence of the person being trained. Hand in hand with this goes a real passion for boating in all of its forms and of course a real depth of experience coupled to an ability to clearly get that knowledge across to you in a relaxed and fun way.

What we think of our Instructors only counts for so much though and it is really your views that count. Later in this section you’ll find some quotes from our clients about the Instructors.

A bit more though about the people that work with us….

Paul Glatzel

With Viv taking day to day responsibility for the running of the school, in addition to instructing on courses Paul ensures that our boats, classrooms and kit are up to scratch. Paul’s passionate about powerboating and sailing and spends as … Continued

Don Roper

Don has worked for PTUK/Aquasafe for about ten years and trains both on smaller and big boats. Don is a Yachtmaster Instructor and also a Yachtmaster Examiner. He’s also one of our three Radar Instructors. What our clients say “Don … Continued

Anthony Dakin

Anthony is one of our newest Instructors joining the team in 2014. Anthony spreads his time between his own business, teaching powerboating for us and teaching at a local Sea Scouts unit. He also looks after all of our IT … Continued

Alyn Fendley

Alyn joined the school in 2012 and now is one of our most regular instructors. He teaches all of the powerboat courses both on our RIBs and client’s own craft. What our clients say “A great course – I learned … Continued

Philip Gossage

Philip is our core instructor for powerboat courses in Lymington. Philip worked for Aquasafe before it became part of PTUK and he came across to work with Paul and Viv from the outset. What our clients say “Philip was a … Continued

Robin Clark

Robin joined PTUK/Aquasafe in 2012 and has rapidly become one of the school’s core Instructors. Robin teaches the full range of powerboat courses from Level 2 to Advanced and also teaches our RYA First Aid courses. Robin, alongside Paul, is … Continued

Adam Wilson

Adam has worked alongside PTUK for many years and is highly experienced both in smaller craft and large motor cruisers. He works both as a power instructor but also as a sailing instructor and a commercial skipper for Solent RIB … Continued

Meet our other Instructors

We have a group of other instructors who work regularly with the school that we’d like to introduce you to. All of these instructors share our passion for all forms of boating and have either worked for us for years … Continued

John Oldridge

John joined the school in 2010 and has quickly established himself as one of our regular Instructors. John teaches all of the powerboat scheme courses and also all those within the motor cruising scheme. He can also run Powerboat Instructor … Continued

Nye Davies

Nye joined the Instructor team in 2007 and has gone on to be an absolutely key part of the team at PTUK. We were delighted in 2010 when Nye was invited by the RYA to attend the annual RYA Powerboat … Continued

Paul Sargent

Paul joined the school late in 2006 and has been our key instructor ever since. Paul splits his time fairly evenly between shorebased and on water courses coupled with working to keep our fleet of boats in first class condition. … Continued

Viv Glatzel

Viv takes day to day responsibility for running the school and most people that call will end up speaking to her first. Viv started powerboating in Poole one May back about 25 years ago when Paul persuaded her that standing … Continued