How to…….

In this section we share ideas and thoughts about how to improve aspects of your boating and achieve certain tasks and manoeuvres afloat. We hope that you enjoy and benefit from them.

Electronic devices

  There’s no doubt that for making passages the primary tool in a boaters toolbox is the chartplotter. They are generally simple to use, contain a range of great features and with some of the more advanced systems allow you … Continued

Vessel lights – a method

  What we have seen teaching vessel lights over many years is that those learning the vessel lights tend to try to learn the lights off by heart rather than trying to make life easier – and more accurate – … Continued

RYA Yachtmaster Theory – are you ready?

  The Yachtmaster Theory Course is an in-depth course for experienced skippers.The course looks in detail at all aspects of coastal navigation and ensures that you have the necessary navigation skills to be able to undertake complex passages and entries … Continued