It is important that any school you consider training with is currently recognised by the RYA. To check visit or call 023 8060 4181 (RYA Training). Remember not every website that carries the RYA logo or implies they are recognised will actually be so.

Undoubtedly there are many good boaters out there who have the ability and knowledge and are keen to share it with others. The benefits of using a RYA qualified Instructor at a RYA Training Centre include:

  • Instructors have been trained to impart the right level of knowledge in an appropriate way. They are experienced in identifying where (for example) a particular manoeuvre may not be going quite right and be able to translate this into a meaningful and simple explanation of how to improve it. It is one thing being able to handle a boat oneself it is quite another being able to impart this knowledge to others.
  • RYA Training Centres are inspected regularly and as part of this recognition are required to evidence they are adequately insured for all of their activities.
  • The certificates issued by RYA Training Centres are recognised across the world and by insurance companies.
  • Getting good training undoubtedly improves the fun that you have in your pastime.
  • That said do make sure you get everyone to share their knowledge with you as there is no way that RYA Instructors have a monopoly on good ideas and knowledge!

We are a Coastal school and all of the certificates that we issue carry a Coastal endorsement (where relevant). This is essential if you intend doing your boating anywhere else other than on a lake.

We are a specialist power based school and are not a multi disciplinary centre. We feel the benefit to our clients being that we have become real experts in all types and sizes of powered craft and can offer advice and expertise on almost any powered vessel. This can make a real difference as an Instructor familiar with either the type and style of craft you own or are thinking about getting is of greater value to you and ultimately will give you a better and more valuable course.

A key requirement for us has always been that irrespective of age the Instructors that we work with must always be massively experienced and have gained that experience across a range of craft and locations. This breadth and depth of knowledge adds real value to the courses that they run.

Yes , we are able to offer all of the courses within the RYA Powerboat scheme and the RYA Motor Cruising Scheme. This is particularly beneficial to clients with craft in the 30 – 40ft range as they can be sure that as a Centre running courses both for larger and smaller vessels we are not advocating a course inappropriate to the size of the vessel. For example too often we hear of people on 36ft twin engined craft undertaking Powerboat Level 2 – these individuals should be training by an Instructor from within the Motor Cruising Scheme in order to derive the best value from the training. We also offer the full range of RYA Shorebased Courses.

We’ll leave you to form your own opinion on our website and brochures (feel free to ask for our brochures to be sent to you or down load them here) but we hope that the effort we’ve invested to provide object and valuable advice is obvious. Clearly anyone nowadays can create a ‘sexy’ brand so please do call the schools you are considering and see what you think of their knowledge and professionalism when you speak to them.

As you can see from the ‘Our Craft’ section of the website we have a range of craft that are used on courses. For Powerboat Level 2 courses you will almost always use different craft on each of the days of the course as we feel this variety is really beneficial.

Our large RIB and Motor Cruiser are commercially ‘coded’ for charter and we have access to numerous other craft as necessary.

Invariably yes. In the main season for Powerboat Level 2 courses we will always have two boats running each weekend and during 2007 often had three or four boats running. You will only ever be on a boat with up to three students and one Instructor though. We always ensure you get to helm the other boats and work alongside other students as you benefit hugely from the interaction with other students and Instructors. In the winter we tend to run one or two boats each course but even if there is only one boat out you’ll use different craft each day.

For Motor Cruising Courses there could be up to five of you but usually will be three or four of you. Shorebased courses usually run with between six and eight people.

We’re proud of the progression we’ve seen with many of our clients over the years we’ve been running and the fact that we’ve been able to offer routes for progression and development is hugely satisfying. We’ve seen many of those we’ve worked with progress from Level 2 to Instructors and Commercial Helmsman and convert their passion for boating into a part time career. Equally we’ve seen people undertake a couple of qualifications but then focus on cruising and exploring in their craft having a great time. Whichever route people choose its great they can stay with us for the training. Not every time though can we satisfy our clients training needs and we’ll do our utmost to identify other centres for them to train at if required.

At the end of the day we all boat because we enjoy it so training must be fun too. Call the centres that you are considering, pop in and have a coffee and see what you think. Often a gut feel is best.

It’s amazing for us to contrast how busy we are now versus when we started a few years ago. We run throughout the year and schedule each year’s courses in December. Some courses run at least every week (e.g. Level 2), others run a couple of times a month (e.g. VHF) whilst others run 4-6 weekly. If you are training on your boat we can schedule courses to suit your diary

We feel a big part of our training is the sundry bits. We advise on VHF and GPS kit, can help in terms of the length of ropes for you craft, have views on lifejackets, know most makes of boats and get asked about all of these things all of the time. Consciously we’ve decided not to sell boats or kit so we can give you sound impartial advice. Feel free to call us.

We’re not the cheapest and we’re certainly not the most expensive. That said look at our location, our classrooms, our craft and most importantly our Instructors and assess the return you will get from your investment. In contrast to the very large sums invested in boats and electronics a small amount invested in training really does reap dividends in the short and long term.

For all RYA or BSAC courses yes (although they are often posted out at the end of the course rather than given out on the day). If we are undertaking bespoke training with you then it may not lead to a certificate however this would be very clear to you from our discussions about the training we are undertaking with you.

Yes depending on what course you are taking and whether you are a group or an individual. If there are two or three of you then we can often build a course round dates convenient to you whereas if you are on your own then it really depends on the course and what it is you are looking to do. We suggest that you just call or email us to discuss.

Yes, a large amount of our work is for corporate clients. We are happy to undertake tendering processes, attend presentations, produce quotes and purchase orders and agree invoicing terms with appropriate businesses.

In addition to training we can also arrange corporate entertainment events.

Yes, we undertake a variety of training both for various military units and for those retraining leaving their units. We are happy to put together proposals and quotations as required.

What have we missed? Let us know as we’d like to make this section as valuable as possible – let us know via our contact form.