New website goes live



This is the first stage in a series of website updates to take the PTUK website back to the forefront of the sites in our sector. For many years we’d like to think we have come up with a good variety and depth of content but as technology and products such as WordPress have moved on then so the challenge to stay near the forefront has become tougher.

With this new website we’ve created a site that broadly speaking contains much of the same content as we had before but which is far easier to view across the multitude of different platforms people visit us from. Updating the site is far easier but the key difference is that we have bolted on a very sophisticated new ‘back end’ which will manage courses, instructors and the like to make things easier. We’ve commissioned a video company to sort some helpful new Youtube videos and have plenty of other ideas up our sleeves too.

It goes without saying that we hope that you like our new site. If you find errors then please do email us! Regards, Paul (