Whilst there may seem lots of words our terms and conditions of business are all about making our relationship with our clients transparent and protecting both parties. In all honesty we cannot remember a single event in the last 5 years where we had to refer to them so we hope by developing a very positive working relationship with you that if you do have an issue you just pick up the phone and we chat it through.

These terms were replaced on the 10th May 2018 but apply to bookings made before that date

In these terms and conditions the term “company” means Powerboat Training UK Ltd/Aquasafe Powerboat School, its Instructors or any sub-contracted person. The term “the client” shall mean each person in whose name the course is booked.

  1. If the company is unable to meet any booking through circumstances beyond its control, the client(s) may be offered another booking at the company’s discretion or an alternative booking offered with another company.
  2. If the company is unable to offer the client(s) or the client(s) are unable to accept such an alternative booking, the company will refund any deposit or course fee paid. The company’s liability is limited to this.
  3. The company will decide how and when any course is run and whether or not the course will go out onto the water. The company’s decision is final.
  4. Your place on a course is secured when we receive a completed booking form (per course participant) and full payment for the course.
  5. In the event of your wishing to cancel your place on a course the following terms apply: Greater than four weeks notice: Course fee repaid less £75 administration charge Between four and two weeks until your course: Full cost of course due unless places can be ‘resold’ in which case liability is limited to administration charge. Whether we are able to resell your place may not become clear until the date of the course. Less than two weeks notice: Full cost of course due.
  6. In the event that you need to change the date of your course then we will do our utmost to accommodate the change. If you request a change of date we can only accommodate this if we can ‘resell’ your place else the full amount is chargeable. There is a charge of 10% or £20 (whichever is the greater) of the course cost to make a change. In the event that you fail to attend your course then you are liable for the full cost of your course. The school is insured, however the client is recommended (if they consider it necessary) to take out their own insurance against cancellation, damage or loss of personal effects, death or personal injury.
  7. The RYA Approved Training Centre, RYA Instructors, RYA Trainers & Coaches or as agreed do not accept responsibility for any loss, damage or injury suffered by persons and/or their property arising out of or during the course of the activities whilst training and/or coaching and/or instructing and/or delivering unless such injury loss or damage was caused by, or resulted from negligence or deliberate act.
  8. The client acknowledges that there are inherent dangers involved in sports / powerboating and understands and agrees to sign the booking form indemnity holding the company and it Instructors free of liability in the event of an accident, death, injury or damage to person or property. The Client understands that the vibration that occurs as a boat moves across waves and wash can exacerbate existing conditions and agrees to advise the Company of any relevant conditions.
  9. Own boat tuition/personal equipment. Tuition is provided on the following basis:
    • The vessel is insured by the owner for loss, damage and legal liability to third parties
    • The client remains the skipper and legally responsible for the safe management of the vessel at all times (including when under tuition) and will not hold the Company responsible for any loss or damage.
    • The client undertakes to secure the consent of the insurers to this agreement
    • Where marina fees/short stay charges etc are incurred these are the responsibility of the client.
    • The client will ensure their boat is in an appropriate mechanical state for the course to be run. Where a course needs to extended due to delays resulting from problems with the vessel additional time will be charged at our standard rates. Where we need to provide a vessel to replace a client’s own boat on a course then this will be at our standard charter rates.

    A client who seeks ‘own boat tuition’ will also be sent a separate document detailing the equipment required on the boat. It is a condition of the booking that the client’s boat satisfies the conditions detailed within this document.

    Clients warrant that that any of their own equipment that they choose to use on a course (e.g. a lifejacket) are serviced in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations and have been checked prior to attending course.

  10. Clients provided equipment such as waterproofs etc are responsible for the safe return of them at the end of each day. Damage to any item beyond normal wear and tear may render the client liable to either pay for the item in full or to pay an amount to the company as compensation (as determined by the company).
  11. Individuals intending to obtain the International Certificate of Competence (ICC) are advised to check the RYA website (www.rya.org.uk) to ensure that they satisfy the RYA rules for eligibility for the issue of this certificate. The Company cannot be held responsible if an individual books a course with a view to subsequently obtaining an ICC but the RYA rejects their application.
  12. Children’s Powerboat Courses: The company runs Level 1 courses for 8 – 18 year olds, whilst those between 12 – 18 can attend level 2 courses. All certificates issued will be endorsed in line with the RYA requirements which are usually detailed in the relevant Logbook. Certificates can be reissued at 16 without the endorsement for a charge.
  13. The company will accept children onto specific child courses where the child is not accompanied by a parent or guardian, such a booking is accepted under our specific Childrens Booking Form.
  14. All courses require you to reach a certain standard at which the relevant certificate can be awarded. Certificates can only be awarded to those reaching that standard however if for whatever reason further time is required to reach the standard we will create an Action Plan to help you achieve the award.
  15.  You consent to any photos and videos that are taken of you during training being used in publicity material/websites/social media. You also consent to any feedback given to company being used in these same places.
  16. Data Protection Act 1998. The above information including the questions as to your health and ability will be used by us to process your booking for the course and for attending to your safety whilst you are on one of our courses. Names and addresses of candidates for some RYA courses will need to be shared with the RYA. We shall also include your name and address on our mailing list. If you do not want to be contacted by us please tick here ____. Your details will never be passed on to another company.
  17. Complaints procedure: In the unlikely event that you are concerned with any aspect of your course please raise your concerns initially with the Instructor(s). If this does not resolve the issue then please contact the Office on a weekday to discuss your concerns with a Director. If this does not resolve the matter please write to the Centre Principal Paul Glatzel. If you do not consider the issue resolved at this stage please contact RYA Training.

Updated 6th March 2015