Powerboat Instructor

Key Course Details

Duration: 3 days

Time: 9am to 5pm

Group Size: 3 per boat

Min Age: From 16

Price: £350



Becoming a RYA Powerboat Instructor is the first step on the instructional ladder and allows you to teach the RYA Powerboat Level 1 & 2 courses as part of an RYA Training Centre and if you possess the qualification the RYA Safety Boat course too.

Course Duration

1/2 day pre-assessment then 3 days for the course itself from 9am to 5/6pm. You should also budget for 1 – 2 hours per evening for ‘homework’ during the course.

Trainer – student ratio

6 students to 1 RYA Powerboat Trainer and 2 boats. On day 3 of the course there will be a second Powerboat Trainer – the ‘Course Moderator’.

Prior experience

Candidates for the instructor course must possess RYA Powerboat Level 2 and an appropriate First Aid qualification. (Please check the suitability of your first aid qualification – Acceptable first aid certificates). Candidates must possess at least five years’ experience across a range of craft or if working full time in the marine sector then one year’s experience is acceptable.

Minimum Age

Those over the age of 16 can attend this course.

Course Dates

Our boats: Throughout the year we run these courses every 4 – 5 weeks at our base in Poole and 2 – 3 times a year in Lymington.

Sailing clubs: We regularly run the courses by invitation at sailing clubs.

Organisations: We also regularly run Instructor courses for Fire and Rescue teams, Police units, military divisions  and companies that need their own instructor teams. Location at our centre or yours. Superyachts are also a regular venue.

Overseas: For all of the types of organisations we teach we are happy to travel and have run courses in the Caribbean, the US, the Med and the Middle East.

Why choose Powerboat Training UK for your RYA Powerboat Instructor course?

The key thing that we can bring to a course is our considerable experience of training Instructors across the world. The Trainers that run our courses (usually led by Paul Glatzel – author of the RYA Powerboat Handbook & RYA Advanced Powerboat Handbook) run a considerable number of these courses each year and are 100% on top of what is recommended as ‘best practice’ ensuring that those they train are really well placed to then run courses once qualified. As a busy commercial centre we can also offer the chance to come in ahead of a course and sit in with our instructor team on a Level 2 course (no charge) which is really beneficial if you can do so.

We also promise every instructor that trains with us that they can come and work alongside our experienced instructors so that you can get some experience delivering their first course.

We have also forged a niche welcoming potential instructors from around the world and also travelling far afield to train individuals and teams to become RYA instructors.

Our boats ~ with 7.8m Ribcrafts as our main teaching boats we have invested considerably so that you get to use quality kit in great condition. Each RIB is fully equipped for training up to Advanced Instructor level and are fitted with Icom and Raymarine/Garmin electronics.

Our location and teaching facilities ~ Poole Harbour is a truly amazing teaching location – so much so that the RNLI and the Royal Marines base their training operations here. Our classrooms are well resourced, professional, clean and tidy.

Likewise our base in Lymington at Aquasafe Powerboat School is at Lymington Yacht Haven which like Cobbs Quay is a large marina with a huge range of craft. Our classrooms are well resourced, clean and professional.

Our Powerboat Trainers The RYA Powerboat Trainers that we work with are highly experienced and deliver many instructor courses each year. They stay 100% in line with current best practice so we can be sure that our Instructor courses are amongst the best there are.

Our history ~ We started the school almost twenty years ago and have grown a reputation for delivering on our promises. Our clients range from individuals with their own craft to organisations such as Sunseeker, the RNLI and we were awarded the RYA Training contract by Dorset Police for the London 2012 Olympic events in Weymouth.

We are also very proud to have written the RYA Powerboat Handbook for the RYA and 2014 saw see the launch of the RYA Advanced Powerboat Handbook.

Course prices £350 per head for the three day course or £400 for those booking the PBI course in conjunction with the assessment. Individuals can just attend an assessment at £150. (All prices inc VAT). Prices for groups or when we attend overseas on application.

What is included in the course price? ~ when you undertake your Instructor Course on our boats then the price you pay includes fuel and free use of waterproofs/lifejackets. Price includes VAT too.

Does the course price represent good value? ~ remember in life you pretty much get what you pay for. We don’t pretend to be the cheapest but the course will be on well maintained first rate craft, and run by trainers guaranteed to teach current best practice. We have great facilities in a large marina offering a great all-round experience. Check out the other relevant pages on this website to see what we mean.

We also would hope that by attending a course at Powerboat Training UK you will be viewed as an instructor who has trained at one of the centres most respected for delivering high quality career enhancing instructor courses.

Some of the offers available when buying this course include…..

Special Offer No1!! Book and pay for your VHF Course at the same time as you book the Level 2 course and only pay £75 for the VHF course (including course pack). (Usual cost is £100, you also need to pay the RYA Fee which is £60). You can choose whether to undertake the course in the classroom or online. We run VHF Courses every two weeks so fitting you in will never be an issue – we run these courses  in Poole and Lymington.

Special Offer No2!! We also offer the opportunity to book the online RYA Dayskipper Theory Course for £280 (usually £295) when booked alongside a PBI course. This is a great course to really further develop your understanding of charts, tides, buoyage and navigation onto the next level. The course price includes a plotter and dividers and the course certificate fee.

The Course

As the RYA state the entry requirements for this course are: “The Instructor is a competent and experienced powerboat handler who has been trained to teach powerboating up to the standard of the RYA National Powerboat Certificate (Level 2) under the supervision of the Principal of a RYA Training Centre.

Candidates should have logged at least five seasons’ experience of powerboating preferably in a range of boat types and sizes. For those who use powerboats as an integral part of their normal full-time occupation, this period is reduced to one season.

Candidates will hold the RYA National Powerboat Certificate (Level 2) and a valid First Aid Certificate of a type approved by the RYA. Instructors wishing to teach the Safety Boat course must hold that level of certificate themselves. Instructors wishing to teach the Intermediate or Advanced Course must attend a two day endorsement course”

The amount of experience required is a recommendation and it may be that individuals with less experience may be accepted onto the course – please call to discuss. That said irrespective of how many years you have been boating the key point must be that you have plenty of experience and so will have ‘clear water’ between you and those that you teach.

RYA Powerboat Instructor Pre-assessment – 1/2 day

Achieving your Powerboat Instructor qualification is a great achievement and something that many aspire to. Sadly too many individuals attending Powerboat Instructor courses historically have struggled in relation to their boat handling and their theory/background knowledge.

To address this problem and to increase the numbers of those attending a course succeeding, the RYA introduced an assessment for everyone wanting to attend an Instructor course. This is called the RYA Powerboat Instructors Skills Assessment.

This assessment assesses your boat handling skills and will expect you to be able to competently demonstrate capability in all of the areas identified as ‘Cans’ in the Powerboat Logbook (G20) – the current version has an orange cover) to the level necessary to be able to demonstrate these areas to students. Your theory/background knowledge will also be assessed (eg your knowledge of charts/tides/col regs etc).

The assessment can be completed up to 6 months before your instructor course. Ideally you should do so about 4 weeks ahead of your course as this this the optimal time to then be able to brush up as necessary on boat handling and theory as suggested/required by the Trainer running the assessment. For many attendees though attending the centre twice is impractical so we always schedule an assessment the day before a course starts. You must ensure if you choose this option that you are sure your boat handling and theory is at the level required.

Either before or after your assessment we would recommend that you take us up on our offer of you attending a Level 2 course with us as an observer. This can be very useful as it gives you the chance to sit back and watch Instructors in action on each of the subjects you will train.

RYA Powerboat Instructor Course ~ 3 days

This is an intensive three day course which is a mixture of continual assessment and instruction.

A typical course structure might be:

Day 1

  • Meet & greet, introductions, safety brief
  • Course structure & outcomes
  • Being an instructor
  • How to teach
  • Demonstrations and instructing on the water

Day 2

  • Delivery of pre-prepared shorebased sessions
  • On water training of ‘guinea pigs’

Day 3 ~ Moderation day

  • Introductions and discussion of days agenda
  • On to water delivering teaching sessions
  • Delivery of shorebased sessions
  • Administrative aspects of running a centre
  • Debriefs and course outcomes

During the course potential Instructors instruct sessions both on and off the water with regular debriefs with the Trainer where we ensure that you are getting the key teaching points across on each session.

A hugely valuable element of our courses is that we invite ‘Guinea Pigs’ in for one or two half day sessions so that you can practice with real students – this is very beneficial and makes a real difference to the course.

Anyone interested in qualifying as an Instructor should acquire the following publications:

  • RYA Power Schemes Instructor Handbook(G19/2014) – the version from 2014 supports the powerboat, personal watercraft and inland waterways schemes.
  • RYA Powerboat Handbook (G13): The book written to support the National Powerboat Scheme by PTUK’s Paul Glatzel.
  • RYA Start Powerboating (G48): The book given to Level 2 attendees – a scaled down version of the RYA Powerboat Handbook.
  • RYA Powerboat Logbook (G20): The Logbook outlining the syllabus of the course.


This course is aimed at

Some examples of the candidates that have recently attended the Powerboat Instructor course include:

  • Those who have a passion for boating and over the years have gained a good amount of experience across a range of craft and who want to teach others how to get the most from their time afloat. Such individuals will then tend to instruct on a freelance basis.
  • Those seeking to make a career in the industry and want being a powerboat instructor to become one of the portfolio of qualifications
  • Those at sailing clubs wanting to instruct the Level 2 and Safety Boat course at their club
  • Individuals and teams from Fire & Rescue units, Police Marine divisions, Military units and other specialist groups
  • Those working on superyachts that want to become a PBI as a precursor to becoming a Personal Watercraft Instructor (which is a one day conversion for those already holding the one day PW Certificate)


The syllabus for the Powerboat Instructor’s course is defined in the Power Schemes Instructor Handbook. The syllabus is:

    • Theory of teaching – principals of practical instruction
    • Delivering theory subjects
    • Preparation and effective use of visual aids
    • Lesson and progamme planning
    • Teaching styles
    • Practical driving
    • Reviewing and feedback skills
    • The standards required by the RYA
    • Assessing student ability
    • Structure of the RYA Powerboat Scheme
    • Developing student skills along a progressive pathway
    • The requirements for running an effective RYA Powerboat school including conditions for recognition

During the course the candidate will receive input from the trainer and also from the other candidates. They will be asked to show the following:

    • Knowledge of the subject of powerboating
    • Ability to deliver effective teaching sessions
    • Ability to demonstrate all elements of the RYA Powerboat Level 2 syllabus
    • Ability to deliver at least one theory session ashore
    • Be able to demonstrate safety awareness for themselves and students throughout

Candidates will be asked to teach three distinct groups on the course:

  • Each other – ie the other students on the course
  • The course trainer/moderator
  • Real students or ‘guinea pigs’ who have been asked to attend to assist the course. These must not be paying students on a recognised course.


Whatever we may think of our courses what really counts is what others think, below are a selection of comments taken directly from the Feedback Forms that we ask are filled in at the end of each course and the emails that we receive post course.

I am still struggling to express without sounding trite just how impressed I was with the course and your whole organisation. From the obvious pride you take in the school’s boats to your commitment to getting the highest possible standards both in courses you deliver and the courses delivered by those you train to instruct. I had high expectations, and they were exceeded in so many areas.

I would just like to say what a huge pleasure it was to do the PBI at your centre. Without wanting your heads to swell too much, it was one of the most professional and well run centres I have ever been taught at. (And I’ve done a few).

I will take away with me not just the PBI course but also many great ideas for my future training and possible future RYA centre.

Your ‘before care’ and ‘after care’ has been second to none. I don’t think I could have asked for more help or information about the course and all the additional information.

Please pass on my thanks to Paul Brown as he was exceptional in making sure nothing was missed.

Viv, again can’t say enough on how helpful and pleasant you were. (Even the dog)

Paul, it was a pleasure to meet you and thank you for being so patient and understanding. Even though you were assessing, we all felt very relaxed and confident in our abilities.

Anyway, enough ‘brown nosing’ Thank you both very much. I look forward to returning to your centre in the near future and will be singing you praises to everyone.



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