These fun quizzes aim to test your knowledge and also help you to develop onto the next level. If you enjoy them why not think about doing one of the classroom or online RYA Theory courses?

For those newer to boating


Test your knowledge with these ten questions. Be careful though as one of them is a little sneaky!


Charts and tides

Check what you remember about charts and tides with this quiz. Hopefully it will get the grey matter working a bit too!


For those at a more intermediate level

Collision regulations

Whatever your level you need to be totally on top of the ‘colregs’. See how you score with these ten questions.


Charts and tides – intermediate

At a more intermediate level you need to up your game when it comes to charts and tides. Are you up there?


For those at a more advanced level

Vessel lights

Getting to grips with identifying vessel lights at night is one of the key skills for those at a more advanced level. See how you are doing.



Being able to identify and use various navigation techniques is a key skill for an advanced level boater. See how you fare with these ten questions.