The RYA Powerboat Scheme is aimed at craft up to about 33ft/10m. The qualifications gained from within this scheme are recognised around the world and some are relevant to those driving commercially. The powerboat scheme courses suit a wide variety of craft from small dories and RIBs to larger 4 berth family cruiser type vessels.


From the menu below please select the course that you think best addresses your needs and then select the button to read more. To help make things even clearer we’ve created a simple Training Pathway document (blue button above right) that you can download and read at your leisure.

Do feel free to call/email us though as for many people which course to take isn’t entirely clear and we’re always delighted to provide objective and impartial advice – whether you decide to train with us or another school.

Powerboat Level 2 – on our boats

Duration: 2 Days

This is the most popular course that we teach. Suits those new to boating who want to develop the base skills but also those who have boated for a while but who want to ensure they are approaching their boating the right way. There is no requirement for Level 1 to do this course.

Powerboat Level 2 – training on your boat

Duration: 2 Days

This is the course to take on your boat for those keen to get a really good grounding in close quarter boat handling plus the ability to use charts, tidal information and understand buoyage so you can undertake short inshore passages. Level 1 is not required.

Intermediate Powerboat – on our boats

Duration: 2 days

Also known as the Powerboat Day Cruising Course the  course is aimed at those who have boated a season or more, probably already have Level 2 and want to learn more about coastal cruising. It focuses on navigation  and passage planning.

Intermediate Powerboat – on your boat

Duration: 2 days

Learn more about charts, tides, planning a passage and how  to use electronic navigation effectively then undertake a passage with one of our instructors on board to put the skills into practice. A great course to do on your own boat.

Development Days

Duration: 1 day

After Level 2 this is a great way to get afloat and hone the skills you learnt during the Level 2 course. Time is spent focussing on both boat handling and making a passage and there’s time for a relaxing lunch too!

Children’s Powerboat Level 1

Duration: 1 day

We welcome children aged 8 upwards on to our dedicated children’s Level 1 courses.  Courses run usually in the easter  and summer holidays and during half terms when it is warm (ish).

Powerboat Level 1

Duration: 1 day

Level 1 is a great course as a basic introduction to boating as a ‘competent crew’ type course or a taster session. Suits both children or adults. It is NOT required for entry to Level 2 and most adults go straight in at Level 2.

Superyacht Tender Operators Course

Duration: 2 days plus an evening

Aimed at those already working as a tender driver transferring guests/passengers in sectors such as the superyacht world or in other environments where you may need to transfer guests and passengers.

Advanced Powerboat – on our boats

Duration: 2 days plus an evening

Aimed at experienced leisure boaters and those seeking to work commercially the Advanced Course can be followed by the Advanced Examination. Addresses areas such as night navigation, rough water handling and search patterns – a great course!

Powerboat Instructor

Duration: 3 days

Become a RYA Powerboat Instructor to be able to teach Level 1, Level 2 and potentially the Safety Boat course as part of a RYA Training Centre. A great way to share your passion for boating with others.

Powerboat Instructor Skills Assessment

Duration: 1/2 day

This is a mandatory requirement ahead of the Powerboat Instructors course. If possible undertake the assessment 4 – 6 weeks before the Instructor course but we always schedule assessments for the day before an Instructor course just in case you can’t make it sooner.